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12 Best Nail Shape for Your Fingers: The Ultimate Guide - Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

12 Best Nail Shape for Your Fingers: The Ultimate Guide – Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

When you get a manicure, picking your polish isn’t the only decision you should be making. You can file your nails into any shape! Yes, you heard that right.

Different nail shapes create a different overall effect on how the nails and hands look.

You’d think it’s hard to figure out the best nail shape for your fingers, but it’s not. Nail shape inspiration is everywhere, if you’re looking.

Your best nail shape inspiration should be your own fingers. Not to mention your nail beds themselves.

You just need to determine if your fingers are long or short, and if your nail bed size is wide or narrow.


So, what works for which fingers? Well, we’ll tell you. But first, let’s familiarise ourselves with the classic shapes we can choose from.

We’ve broken down 12 of the most popular and interesting nail shape options that have evolved over the years to those who may want to have their nails done either at home or at a salon. Read on for the ultimate guide to different nail shapes.


The Ultimate Guide to 12 Different Nail Shapes:


1. Square Nails

Square Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaSquare nails are square—they’re flat on top with straight, sharp corners. The nails are trimmed perpendicular to the side walls and have sharp rounded tips.

The is perfect for the classic French manicure. It is a bold statement and creates strong sidewalls. They neither flare out nor taper in.

If you have a small nail bed, this nail shape will make it look shorter and wider.

When worn on a wide nail bed, the hands can look stocky or stubby. It looks best on fingernails that are short, narrow, and with long fingers. Those with thin hands, long and slim fingers will absolutely love this nail shape. It is easy to maintain. Therefore, it will be a perfect choice for those who find going to the salon or having their nails done more frequently a burden.


2. Round Nails

Round Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaRound shaped nails follow the natural contour of your fingertips. This classic shape is another favourite for those who prefer to keep their nails clipped short. It is also the most favoured choice for those who don’t have much time to spend for a salon finished nails.

Like square nails, round nails start with straight sides but curve at the edges to follow the natural shape of the fingertip.

If you have short or chubby fingers, this nail shape will be the best choice. For subdued, natural-looking nails, choose a round shape. Rounding your nails will make them look longer. This nail shape is quite easy to do and maintain even if you are just trying out polishing your nails for the first time.



3. Squoval Nails

Squoval Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaSquare oval or squoval shaped nails is a combination of the more defined and strong square-shaped nail and the more delicate oval-shaped nail.

They are perfect if you’re into the flat edge of the square but hate sharp corners.

The curved portion of nails with this shape is not too round or sharp. Instead, it is shaped to be pleasing enough for any hand shape and size. This universally flattering shape is ideal for the new-age woman that resembles dominance and adaptability with a touch of classic femininity -the best of both worlds!





4. Oval Nails

Oval Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaAre oval nails the same as round ones? The answer is No. Here’s why: In addition to the tips, oval nails are filed down. This is more like the almond-shaped nail, but the tip is more softer and blunter. It is long and slightly tapered from the nail bed to the tip of the nail.

This ‘egg-shaped nails’ will look perfect for short and wide nail beds.

This nail shape can be done with those who have long nails. The curvature is more extreme, so it tends to make the fingers look slimmer.





5. Almond Nails

Almond Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaNails with slimmer sides, tapered and rounded tips are what define almond-shaped nails. Like oval nails, almond nails are filed along the sides. The nail wall is tapered to end in a round peak, like the shape of an actual almond.

This sophisticated and lovely nail shape works best with long nails and is perfect for those with thin nail beds.

Natural nails are often too weak to hold this structure on their own, so most almond manicures are reinforced with gel or acrylic. This ‘chic’ nail shape can be flaunted even if you have short or wide fingers, by keeping your nails longer.




6. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaIf you love ‘drama’ then Stiletto shaped nails is the way to go. To shape this nail with the spiked pointed tips starts off the same as it’s nuttier counterpart, the almond, but ends at a much sharper point with a wider base and is rather long.

If you want your nails to really stand out, you can have this nail shape done anytime you want.

However, be sure that you avoid doing anything that will require you to use your hands a lot, except to flaunt your nails. Stiletto shaped nails are an eye-catcher because there are several unique nail designs done on top of the nail polish.




7. Coffin/Ballerina Nails

Ballerina/Coffin Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

Ballerina nails (also known as coffin-shaped nails) are essentially the stiletto nail, but with a square tip rather than a pointy one.

Nails with this shape are made long, slim, and tapered off at the tip to take on the shape of a coffin or a ballerina slipper.

It’s chic and sophisticated, but it can only be done on nails that are long and strong.





8. Lipstick Nails

Lipstick Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaDo you love your lipstick? If yes, then you would want to shape your nails like it!

The inspiration behind this one is the cut angle of a fresh tube of lipstick.

The name came from the silhouette of the nail that looks like a newly opened lipstick case.

Like your favourite shade, this squared nail style slants diagonally for a seriously unique nail shape. This unconventional nail shape is best suited for those with slim fingers because it conceals big palms and makes short fingers look longer.




9. Flare Nails

Flare Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaAlso known as the duckbill-shaped nails, this nail shape flares upward and outward at the tip of the nail.

Its wide flare at the tip makes it look like a duckbill, thus its name Flare Shaped Nails






10. Edge Nails

Edge Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaEdge nails form a spike which is less aggressive than that of a stiletto, arrowhead or mountain peak nail shape.

It extends straight before the top edges and are filed with shorter and less fierce-looking nail tips.

When acrylics are used to create them, the edge nail also forms into a ridge through the centre of the nail, mimicking an edge.

It looks like a three-dimensional design as it is made with a free edge formed by two planes to form a v-surface towards the tip of the nail.




11. Arrowhead Nails

Arrowhead Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaThis nail shape resembles the stiletto but are a less severe version of a stiletto nail. The point is shorter and softer. Its silhouette looks more like the head of an arrow.







12. Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain peak Nail Shape - Tipsy Turvy Nails by HeenaThe mountain peak shaped nails look like the stiletto shaped nails, except shorter and pointier.

This is the perfect choice for a fearless look.

However, this will be perfectly done with artificial nail extensions.






How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for Your Fingers

If you can match the shades and design on your nails with the shape of your nails, your manicure will be more powerful.

With a perfectly matching nail shape and nail colour, your hands can speak for themselves.

Whether long or short, tapered or blunt, soft or strong, round or square – any nail shape when worn with the right nail length and other related finger conditions, will not only boost the appeal of your nails but your whole being as well.


Best Nail shape for long and wide fingers:

To balance out the proportions of your fingers, you need to have a slightly long nail shape. Go for nail shapes that require medium to long lengths and watch your fingers transform. The best nail shapes for your long and wide fingers:

  • Almond – The slimmer sides, gentle tapering, and rounded tip of this style make the hands and fingers appear slimmer. The overall effect is more feminine, elegant looking hands.
  • Oval – This softer, blunter shape makes the fingers appear to be slimmer.


Best nail shape for long and slim fingers:

Any nail shape would match with long and slim fingers, but a couple of shapes will give you the extra edge. The perfect nail shapes for long and slim fingers are square and squoval nail shapes.

  • Square – Square nails give the slim hands an edgy and elegant look. It creates the subtle illusion of slightly wider fingers and hands and balances out your natural length.
  • Squoval – This shape is everything about the square shape, just a bit softer with its finer and oval edges


Best nail shape for short and wide fingers:

To give the appearance of longer or slender fingers, avoid any nail shape that blunts the end of your nails.

  • Almond and Oval – These elegant nail shapes work best on medium to long nails to create an elongating effect. They help to make wide fingers appear slimmer and short fingers to look longer.
  • Round – If you like to keep your nails short but still want to create the appearance of longer fingers, then use this nail shape. It also makes the nail beds themselves appear longer and slimmer.
  • Coffin/Ballerina or Stiletto – The coffin/ballerina and stiletto shapes have strong elongating effects.


Best nail shape for short and slim fingers:

With short and slim fingers, you can’t go wrong with any nail shape. However, elongating nail shapes are your secret weapon. But for the optimum look, almond, oval and squoval nails would be perfect.

  • Almond and oval – These shapes work if you keep longer nails. Both shapes will give the illusion that your nails are longer.
  • Round – A short style that still creates an elongating effect due to the naturally curved shape. It’s subtle, but it works.
  • Squoval – The naturally rounded edges of this shape can make the fingers look wider and longer.


Best nail shape for fat fingers

To make fat fingers look interesting, go with these nail shapes: oval, round, squoval.


Best nail shape for big hands

If you’ve got big hands, the pair them up with these nail shapes to make them look fabulous: flare shaped nails, oval, lipstick, and edge.


Best nail shape for chubby fingers

For chubby fingers, you can opt for these nail shapes: oval, round, almond, and coffin.

These nail shapes will make your nails and fingers look longer as well as hide the chubby fingers underneath the tip of your nails.

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