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How to dry nail polish fast - Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

8 Tips to Make Nail Polish Dry Fast

Can anyone relate to the pain taken in waiting for your nails to dry? Picture this: you've finally found the time in your busy schedule to peacefully paint your nails, only to realise that you've not only committed your time to the polish, but you've also committed...

How to get strong nails simple steps Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

Strong Nails with No Strings Attached

14 Tips for Stronger Nails If you think that strong, healthy nails can be an indicator of good health, then you are right! Whether you realize it or not, nail health can be a strong indicator of your overall health. However, there are times when our nails aren’t...

Nail Biting by Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

Nail biting: How do you stop it?

  First lets see why do we bite our nails About half of all kids and teens bite their nails. If you bite your nails being an adult, you may have done it when you were younger and just never stopped. Kids whose parents bite their nails are more...

Are Yellow Nails A Cause For Concern? Find out wit Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena

Are Yellow Nails a Cause for Concern?

Has your love for dark nail polish and gel manicure left your nails stained and lifeless? Who doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh French manicure or their charming white nails? However, it barely takes a week to taint your nails. Whether you decide to go metallic...

The What And Why Of Cuticle Oil Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena Sharma

The What And Why Of Cuticle Oil

Nails looking a little shabby? Maybe you bite them or pick the polish off. Maybe you work with your hands and it takes a toll on them. Or you’ve had acrylics or extensions on for years and recently removed them, and now your nails are weak...

Nail care routine by Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena Sharma

Nail Care Routine – All you need to know

Do you know how to properly clean and cut your nails? Do you know your nail care routine? It is crucial that you do. It may not seem important but is as important as washing your hair and having a bath/shower. Read on to learn more about your...

Nail art for flight attendants Tipsy Turvy Nails by Heena Sharma

Nail Care for Flight Attendants

  Why be a flight attendant? Being a flight attendant/cabin crew for many is more than just a job or a way to make quick money. It’s a dream they grow up with and have harboured for a long time. And while it does bring in some...