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Welcome to Tipsy Turvy Nails.

We help people with brittle nails to get strong and gorgeous looking nails by offering SNS services.
Proven process of Nail Art

To ensure that you love your nails even more, we have a tried and tested method of beautifying your nails which will definitely boost your confidence. Try it to believe it!

Nail Art Ideas

All it would take is a brief explanation from you as to the occasion and the clothes you intend to wear or at the very least what you are looking for. We would then be your Genie and have your nails prepared just as the way you would have dreamt of.

Cuticle Treatments

Get ready to overcome your fear of getting your cuticles damaged due to Nail Art. You will be embarking on a journey with us where we not only show but also explain the how and why of cuticle care.

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Awesome Colour Palette

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